25. july 2018   |   Tentsite - Horseshoe Meadow    |   4,4 ml - 768 ft up - 801 ft down

PCT day 4 - Lone Pine


Nice place for breakfast, couote track's right next to where we eat

Ahhh nothing beats a good night’s sleep, but I woke up to a thundering headache, i’m always up super early while Mikkel likes to sleep in late, I walk around a bit to get the stiffness out of my body and enjoy the view, all of a sudden, a coyote comes rushing by, not 5 meter’s away WTF!

Anyhow when i get back to the tent i’m scolded loudly by a small squirrel, apparently this is his place!

Mikkel is up, and as we are finishing eating breakfast, a pack of coyotes starts to howl close by, pretty cool!
Another coyote passes our campsite but this one stays well away from us.


Trail Pass junction

We are heading down into Lone Pine today! That waterfilter is fuc**d up!

So at trail pass junction we head down to Horseshoe Meadow Campground, and a bit down the road where the road from Cottonwood Lakes Campground meets, this way we have double the chance of getting a ride, but it still takes almost an hour before we are picked up by Jen, she drove us to the Whitney Portal Hostel where we got bunk beds in a large room, it was ok! The famous Badwater race is this day and everything i booked.

Rest of the day went with: getting a new waterfilter, change the menu for the next 4 days… no more idahoan! And eating a’lot 


Jen has a smal bussiness driving hikers around, the first ride was free as she picked us up on hre way back from a delivery. awesome ride in tha big truck.

Heavy afternoon thunderstorm over the Mt. Whitney, in 3 days we should be at the summit 😉