PCT 2018

a 2 month section hike!

So, after 4 years of prepping hikes, planning and gear testing it's actually happening! I have a 2 month window to hike 1200km / 800 miles, it's gonna be one longe crazy hike

That being said, there is a'lot of things that can go wrong and end the hike, one of the biggest threats are the wild fires that rage California and Oregon each year and can cause whole sections to be un-hikeable, the second thing is getting an injury, i just have to take a wrong step or roll a knee - and the hike is over!
- and then there's the wildlife, like Black Bears and Rattle snakes just to mention a few. there's also waterborne illnesses, poison plants ect. all of witch are potential hike-ending.

Have a look at the Gear page, to get an idea of what i will be hauling on my back: here

Follow my hike

I will be carrying a Garmin Inreach, a device that uses satelites to comunicate and GPS, it will ping every 10min when i'm hiking.... so you will be able to follow along.
Here: Garmin map