27. july 2018   |   Tentsite - Crabtree Meadow   |   12,3ml - 2.120 ft up - 2,475 ft down

PCT day 6 - The Sierras


Among big boulders we sleep

Yesterday, we had a long talk about bears and mountailions while driving up to the trailhead, that made me super jumpy all night, so yeah I didn't sleep much, that sucks! 

Anyhow the morning is showing itself off in the best possible way, and we have breakfast with a super view.

Today we are going up to Crabtree Meadow at the foot of Mt. Whitney, the plan is to hike up to the summit in the early hours tomorrow morning, and watch the sunrise. 


Entering the Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park - the Sierra

The jagged peaks

For a change, the trail is nice and flat’ish and we cruise along, it’s only 12,3 ml to Crabtree Meadow so no hurry! The first section is thru pine trees and meadows, and gradually it starts to get more rocky and barran, we dip down to Rock Creek witch we have to cross on skinny logs, then a steep climb up and over Cuyot Creek, then over Cuyot Pass and down to Whitney Creek


Crossing Rock Creek on tree trunks


Half way op todays climb

Up there lies Mt. Whitney


Large Meadow, on the way up to Crabtree Meadow

luckily this late in the season the creek is only knee deep, and an easy crossing, further up the trail we have to cross the damn thing again, and again, the last time on a log thou! At the meadow we search around a bit for a nice campsite, and find a good one at the bottom of the meadow, we have met a lot of hikers today, all with huge backpacks and big hiking boots.

The alarm is set for 01:30, it’s gonna be interesting to hike up a mountain in the dark! 

Crossing Whitney Creek... 1. time