28. july 2018   |   Crabtree Meadows - Summit Mt. Whitney - Crabtree Meadows   |   15,8 ml - 4.227 ft up - 4.227 ft down

PCT day 7 - Mt. Whitney


Halfway up, and the sun is slowly winning over the darknes, we are stil using headlights.

02:00 we left the tent behind and started the 8ml - 4500ft ascend to the summit of Mt Whitney, it was pitch black, but we had a full moon and our headlamps to guide the way, ohh and It’s on another level, crossing a river, on a log, in the middle of the night! 

Got scrared shitless by a deer that jumped out of a bush right in front of us. Anyhow we made it to the switchbacks, and started the hard climb up to the junction, here the trail turned into Mordor’ish and we where hiking amongst the jagged peaks and deep cravasses - all the while it was starting to lighten in the eastern horizon.

Almost there! only 0.5 mile left

The view is stunning


Summit picture are required!

Made the summit around 06:20, just as the sun was comming over the horizon! Near perfect timing. Spent over an hour on the top just enjoying the view and warming in the sunshine. There is spotty cell reception at the top and i managed to text both my wife and brother with our summit success!

Heading back down, the views are just as stunning


Mordor'ish landscape, the trail goes around and between the peaks

Guitar Lake, we had a long lunch break at the shore

Saw a million hikers comming up the trail as we were decending, glad that there where only a handfull up at the top when we where there! The view was just stunning all the way back to camp.

Spent the rest of the day sleeping and resting... what an awesome day!


2 nights at the same place