22. july 2018   |   Kennedy Meadows - tentsite   |   11,5ml - 2.478 ft up - 657 ft down

PCT day 1 - Heavy packs and big smiles

Didn’t sleep much, guess it’s the anticipation that’s keeping me awake

We pack up and eat breakfast at the store, it’s not open yet and we have the deck all to ourself, at 07:30 it’s time to go, the first steps are always the hardest, did i remember everything? will we be ok for the next 8 days? And so on, but after a few minutes the doubt disappears and I can enjoy the scenery, Kennedy Meadows is at 6000 ft and the first 5 miles we follow the South Fork Kern River, then we have to cross it and the climbing begins!


Not even a mile down the road, and we are already taking pictures


Heading up thru the meadow

We walk thru meadows and a burn area, meet some boy scouts, they say there is a lot of snakes on the trail, but we don’t see any, it’s super hot at we have a nice break at a shaded area, at last we are at the pass and head for our intended campsite, there is no water in the creek! So we pitch the tent and I go down to the nearby meadow for water, as I'm filtering water i can see the clouds are gathering quickly and it looks like it’s going to rain any time soon, so I hurry back to our tent, the rain hits just before I make it to the tent - and i didn’t bring my rain jacket, as i’m in the tent it really starts to pour down and we can hear thunder coming closer.


Following Crag Creek up thru meadows and burn areas


Thunderstorm is brewing, coming my way

Afternoon thunderstorms! I’ve heard about them, but didn’t expect them so soon, Thunder, Hail, Rain and a lot of lightning, it get so bad that there is a small river under and around the tent, the backsplash from the hail makes it into the tent and everything is damp and wet!

The storm passas as quickly as it came, we have a nice dinner before it’s time for bed, i’m already hating Idahoan mashed potatoes!

20:00 and we are in the sack

Yeah... that's not a tan line!