From 1. july to late november (i hope)

So it's happening! i'm going to attemp to hike from Canada to Mexico, starting at the border to Canada and then hike south thru Washington, Oregon and California, ending at the border to Mexico, some 4 ½ monthe later!


PCT Section hike

20. july to 6. september 2018

Long Ass Section Hike on the PCT, did 1000km. started at Kennedy Meadows and ended the hike at Burney, even got to climb Mt. Whiney. my son tagged along for the JMT part, an awsome expirence for the both of us!


GR5 Section 1

Late june 2015

6 dages solo hike ad GR5'eren, fra Sankt Gringolph til Chamonix, der ligger ved foden af Mont Blanc. GR5'eren er en tur på lidt over 400 km. men jeg havde kun 6 dage at gøre godt med, så det passede fint med den første sektion med små 7000 hm. fordelt over ca. 100km


GR5 Section 2

Early september 2016

7 Days to walk the second section of the GR5, from Chamonix to Modane

170km and over 14.000hm


GR5 Section 3

Late august 2017

Supposed to be 14 days to hike all the way to the sea, but a injured knee made for a shorter trip, 7 days again and arounf 170km


Biking from Tende to Vintimiglia

29. may to 1. june 2015

4 days on the Ligurian crest trail



A collection of the gear i use, an ever chaningin list, but i allways try to keep my gear as simple and light as possible!


GR5 Wildcamping

A list of campsites along the GR5