24. july 2018   |   Gomez Meadow - tentsite   |   15ml - 2.569 ft up - 1.599 ft down

PCT day 3 - into the Sierras


Not even a mile down the road, and we are already taking pictures

Slept ok, but i’m up super early to catch the sunrise and se if i can find a place where there is water, on Guthook, a guy says there is water at the a bit off the walkway across the meadow, after 20min i find it, but it’s hard to get, and a swarm of mosquitos makes it even more enjoyable. We eat breakfast, pack our bags and head over to collect water… let’s just say, it took forever and i got wet shoes.

And just to spite me, the next creek, Death Canyon Creek had plenty of running water, only 20mins from the campsite!


Doing what i do best


The scenery are changing, big rocks and lonely pine trees

Today is all about climbing, but at the top we should have a spectacular view out over Owens Valley, we can’t help but thinking about water as we start the ascend, are the creek’s dry? 

The trail is super nice, we pass big boulders and rock formations, old gnarly trees and beautiful campsites before we reach the top. This is the area where the USAF train their pilots, and we are treated with a few flyby’s as we climb, the last one makes a roll just as he flies over the pass, and continues upside down, it looks so cool!

The view from the top is just spectacular, and we have a nice lunch just sitting there and enjoying the view, it’s not long before i have to make a “drop” and again i’m treated with an awesome view while i do business 😉

Higher and higher we climb


A nice break at the top, notice the brown'ish water! and it tasted like that!


Owens Valley, and we are at 10.200 ft (3.100 m)

Nice and easy trail down toward DIaz Creek where there should be plenty of water, the are thunderclouds coming our way as we descend, but luckily it drift toward the other side of the mountain and we make the meadow with only a few raindrops, at Diaz Creek I head to the creek while Mikkel relaxes in the shade, it’s cow pastures and there is cow shit everywhere, hope the water is clean enough, but it’s nice and fast flowing.

We decide to go for a campside a bit up on the next climb, it’s tough going, we are a bit spent from yesterday, but it turns out to be a great place to camp with an awesome view, so it’s worth the extra effort. The campsite is at 9.900 ft, the highest elevation i have yet slept at.

The water filter super bad, and we talk a bit about heading into Lone Pine tomorrow to get a new one, that has a better flow, Mikkel also need a bandaid for his ankle that he rolled yesterday,  luckily there is a side trail that will take us down to Horseshoe Meadow, where we can hitch down to Lone Pine.