So as many of you know, I’m hiking the Pacific Crest Trail this year, I will be starting my hike from the Canadian border, and end at the Mexican border

Pacific Crest Trail info

  • Location: Washington, Oregon, California.
  • Southern Terminus: California (Mexican border)
  • Northern Terminus: Washington (Canada border)
  • Distance: 4260km / 2660 miles, plus extra for side trips to get water, trips into towns and side adventures like climbing Mt Whitney!
  • Highest Point: Forrester Pass 13,153ft / 4,009m
  • Lowest point: Cascade Locks 140ft / 43m
  • Elevation: the equivalent of climbing Everest – from sea to summit and back down again – over 16 times!!

There is a'lot of things that can go wrong and end the hike, one of the biggest threats are the wild fires that rage California and Oregon each year and can cause whole sections to be un-hikeable, the second thing is getting an injury, i just have to take a wrong step or roll a knee - and the hike is over! - and then there's the wildlife, like Black Bears and Rattle snakes just to mention a few. there's also waterborne illnesses, poison plants ect. all of witch are potential hike-ending.

In a normal year, around 50-60% complete the hike!